Music for 17th Sunday OT, 26th July, 2020

Here are the proper chants and psalm for this week. I checked the starting pitches with William; also, note that the Falsobordone pointing is different than usual. I also added some YouTube recordings of the chants. They are at the correct pitches. Also included is the sheet music for Locus Iste (Bruckner), which we areContinue reading “Music for 17th Sunday OT, 26th July, 2020”

Weekly update for 9th July 2020

We said goodbye to Rina this week, with a morning tea after Mass. She was very generous in leaving us a card, and a present of a batik wall hanging. She was always a happy and radiant presence in the choir. She went out in style as she, and all the choir, sang very wellContinue reading “Weekly update for 9th July 2020”